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Banda de AOR – Melodic Rock originaria de Guadalajara, México.


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Some of the best things in life aren’t necessarily planned, as it happened with Rift Divide.

The band is the brainchild of singer/composer Carlos Flores and guitarist/producer Alex Carrera, who were itching to create more while other projects were in the oven. As it becomes apparent with the track listing, the name “Row Beyond” is formed with the first and last track names, a full circle of sorts. It is an album where we gave free rein to whatever came to mind and set a faster pace than usual, so as to not overthink and have a more essential, gut-felt message.

The ideas that came across were of things we question ourselves about; life and its struggles, the inevitability of its ending and what to do to make our passing through it count, aiming always higher.

A bit contrarian regarding other works and projects, Carlos and Alex wanted to try out different genres and mixing things a bit, as an honest attempt at bringing new things to the table; music that would entice you to listen.

We hope you enjoy this album as much as the band did when the songs were being put together. Row beyond.


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